Hi, my name is Jason Loucks.
I Buy and sell houses, and teach other people how to Buy and Sell them, too.
I’m the creator of the “7 Day Sale,” System, the “Ultimate Foreclosure System”, the CEO of Home Financing Options, and the host of the “Real Deal” radio show on Clear Channel radio.

I wasn’t born rich or even born middle class. My family was poor. No one in my family had any kind of “inside knowledge” about wealth, and frankly, most of my family STILL doesn’t get it to this day.

They were and are content to just complain about not having enough, and having to budget, drive old cars, eat terrible food… not being able to provide for their children’s college find, and relying on the Government (or me, actually), to care for them in old age because they never learned how to provide for their own financial future.

But I was different, just like you’re different.

I knew I would do whatever it took to provide a better life for my wife, my kids, and of course for myself. I decided I would do whatever it took to be successful, and I did it.

And this report will be a roadmap for you, to jump the hurdles, avoid the traps I fell in, and allow you to go from where you are now to where you want to be quickly and safely.

A big claim, I know, but here me out. Let me start at the beginning.

Years ago, when I started Investing, I was living in a two bedroom converted garage that I shared with two room mates. There was always somebody sleeping on the coach because there were two bedrooms and three guys.

And I started off in the same way a lot of people get started. I started off in the landlording game, which I now suggest you avoid entirely.

I have never seen anybody really successful at it, and the people who call themselves a success as landlords, well, it is so little success, so much money and time and so much work, that it’s definitely not worth the risk or effort.

I started in rentals because the “Guru’s” on late night TV said so, and I didn’t know any better.

They said that I should buy properties and that I should figure out the mortgage payment, taxes and insurance and make sure the rents more than covered that and left some money aside for repairs.

Sounds good, right??

But that’s not real life. In real life, that’s not how repairs happen. They don’t happen $100 a month.

The way they really happen is, when that roof goes you have got to spend five, six, seven, $10,000 out of pocket and hopefully a hundred bucks a month you will make your money back over many, many years.

The problem was for me was I got into real estate because I didn’t have any money. So I bought properties with no money down.

In fact, I bought 15 units in my first three months and it nearly bankrupted me! Even with an escrow for repairs, even doing everything that they told me I was supposed to do I wasn’t making $2000 a month like it looked like I was supposed to!

I was actually losing $2000 a month! I realized that in order to make enough money every month, I would have to have many, many rentals.

And if you have many, many rentals, then you learn real fast that every month it is always something!

So pretty quickly I had to get out of the rentals game and I started the next thing so many people say is good- rehabs. That is, buying properties, fixing them up and selling them.

And I’ll tell you right now. That is the absolute worst way to make money in real estate.

In fact, both of those are terrible. Those are the top two worst ways to make money in real estate. And I traded one for the other.

The only good news about buying, fixing and selling was I didn’t have any tenants. The bad news was I also didn’t have any money!

By by the time I got the property bought, fixed, sold, and paid all the closing costs and paid the loans and the closing costs and fees and junk and every thing else, there was hardly anything left.

I remember one time I bought, fixed and sold two houses and between two houses and a full rehab and all the crews and everything else, it took almost six months of my life and I only made $7500!

And I just said, “This is definitely not worth it.” I would be better with a day job and no monthly payments.

But, of course, a day job is not for me.

After several years running the rat race on that wheel, busiting my butt every single day to try and make it work, my wife Laura and I sat down and took a hard look at the numbers. Between outgoing payments, taxes, insurance, contractors and everything else, over 90% of the money we took in went right out the other side of the business!

And I just said, “That’s it. It’s over. I am not working this hard to do so much business just to give 90% of it back in payments, taxes, insurance, contractors and all the other maintenance junk.”

And we said, “Never again.”

From that moment forward we decided we are never again going to be landlords, desperately chasing dead beats in order to make another monthly payment.

Never again would we wrestle with Contractors, Money lenders, Banks, brokers, and agents who are trained to scam you, and lying and hassling you constantly.

We decided to design our business around deals that don’t require monthly payments. We are going to focus on deals that we don’t have to fix. We are going to build our business around deals that don’t require a big cash outlay on our part.

In fact, I’d say 80% of our deals don’t require any money and maybe 20% of them require just a little, like a few thousand. But no substantial amounts of money are required.

We decided to build our business around up front cash profits rather than long term “pie in they sky” nonsense, and almost instantly had the most amazing turn around.

See, I thought that when I cut out the deals with all the hassles that I would just make less money… and I was ok with that, if it meant less grief.

But that’s not what happened.

What happened was, when I didn’t have all the headaches from tenants and all the headaches from contractors, no tenants, toilets or termites that were my responsibility to baby sit and fix…

…well, instantly I was able to make a lot more money finding great deals, and turning those great deals on to owner occupants, other investors, rehabbers, you name it.

Almost overnight, I was making a lot more money, and I was making it in cash!

And it just basically revolutionized the world of Real Estatewhen we got this system down to a science, and started sharing it with others who are “on the path”.

Nowadays, I am pretty much known nationwide for the work we did with the, “7 Day Sale” method for selling houses. And over 3000 people across the United States and Canada have got that course.

And I have thousands of raving fans of my “Trash into Cash / Private Lenders” system. The revolution has begun on that end.

And what most people don’t know, is that before you can start selling houses for big profits you first have to be able to buy them cheap.

Everybody knows that in Real Estate, any kind of investing or any kind of business, for that matter, the key is buy low and sell high.

Well, we have mastered the art of selling high. And I am about to teach you how to buy low.

If you think that Investing in Foreclosures means legal liability, holding the seller’s hand, Agents hassling you, dealing with banks or renters or contractors or all those hassles, this Report is going to be a breath of fresh air for you!

When you see how Laura and I, working from a home office (which is really just my lap top and phone- and half the time I’m on the couch or out by the pool – seriously), have been able to do millions of dollars worth of real estate transactions without borrowing massive amounts of money, no partners, without the frustration of trying to work with unmotivated sellers, lenders and banks and all of the other P.I.T.A. (Pain In The Assets 😉 people who will suck you in to their nonsense if you let them.

I’m going to show you how to get answers FAST on Short Sales. I’ve known people who spent a year or more on ONE Short Sale deal because they don’t know how to get the Bank to work with them.

You’ll learn how to handle that, and you’ll see my system for getting that stuff out of your hair for good, let someone else handle it for you for FREE, so you can maximize the number of Short Sales you do.

Plus, you’ll learn how to double or triple the number Foreclosures and Preforeclosures you buy, how to buy properties dirt cheap at the Foreclosure auction, and how to fund your deals.

We’ll start together before the auction, and go all the way through the process, from Preforeclosure and the filing, “Lien Control” strategies, to Short Sales, Auction deals, REO’s, even how to get these deals as cheap as 2 cents-on-the-dollar.

You’ll finally understand how you can make money without ever talking to a Seller that are every bit as good, in fact better, than what everybody else is doing- fighting for the attention of the scatter brained Preforeclosure people who are out there.

I am about to give you a tour through a whole different world of investing, the Big Leagues, that not one investor in 1,000 knows about.

Plus, how to find the best deals in all of Real Estate- FREE, and how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to earn 5- and 6-figure paychecks on every single deal you come across.

So let’s jump right in…

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